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"Thank you AWebTecnology for creating and promoting our site. We have more and more visitors each month. It's more than 10 000 unique visitors per month! Thank you, you are true professionals!"

Sincerely, team.

  Services: Web-programming and web-development

The modern web site is not just a collection of several HTML-pages. Today, websites can be quite complex and demand a large amount functional resource. As a result, a large number of visitors can markedly slow a website. We at Awebtechnology mostly use the programming language PHP which allows us to hand any level of complexity and volume. This includes dynamic web sites with database support, integrated payment systems, and complex distributed systems, which uses XML as universal means of data exchange between different software environments.

We are experts in the following technologies:

  • Server-side languages: PHP4, PHP5, OOP Design and programming
  • Databases: MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreeSql
  • Database interfaces: ADODB
  • Client-side languages: HTML, DHTML & JavaScript
  • Templates engines: SMARTY
  • XML, XSLT style sheets
  • Web-services: XML, SOAP, WSDL
  • Mobile technologies: WAP
  • Server operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows-family
  • At Awebtechnology we can program in any language of your choice, but we recommend PHP. This computer language is rather popular and it is widely used in the development of web-projects. It has recently become even more popular. Click here to view its graph on world usage.

    We are specialists in this field, and with the use of PHP there is no programming that can’t be designed and implemented successfully.

    This is especially important for small and medium projects as you will find that Java and Microsoft .Net often demand a higher cost and have no greater benefit to you. If you still have any doubts, learn more about PHP:

  • About PHP
  • PHP: Speaking the Language of Enterprise
  • Why PHP